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We have the trainers to meet your fleet!

Here at the EDM Aviation Training Academy (EDM ATA), our mission is to ensure you have access to state-of-the-art door trainers and training equipment so that your crew can enjoy an experiential learning experience whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.


From a B787 main door to a A320 over-wing exit we can accommodate your training needs. We can also provide EDM Aviation Training Academy Instructor-led training if you wish.

- CEET (communications system, multi-point fire/smoke & decompression simulation)

- Pilot Incapacitation Trainer (with pilot’s seat)

- A320 Main Door


- A320 Overwing Exit

- Flight Deck Door Access Trainer

- A330 Door

- B787 Door

- A330 Dual Lane Slide

- A320 Single Lane Slide

- Real Fire Trainer (under-seat, overhead locker & galley fire positions with portable electronic

device fire simulation)

- B737 main door

- B737 Overwing Exit

- Life Raft for Ditching / Wet-drill Practice

These can either be EDM ATA Instructor-led (wet-lease) or the third party can bring their own

instructor (dry lease)

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EDM Aviation Training Academy
EDM Aviation Training Academy
EDM Aviation Training Academy