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Do you want to travel the world?

Your journey to becoming a cabin crew member starts here... EDM Aviation Training Academy is the perfect place for you to gain the best hands-on cabin crew training experience.

Being a cabin crew member can be one of the most rewarding careers, traveling the world, meeting new friends. However, the selection process can be tough.


Our 2-day taster course will give you insight into what being a cabin crew member is really like whilst giving you the best opportunity to stand out from the competition. With extensive knowledge, hints, and tips to massively increase your selection chances and impress your future airline employer.

EDM Aviation Training Academy
EDM Aviation Training Academy
EDM Aviation Training Academy

Day 1

We spend the morning of Day 1 looking at the role of Cabin Crew onboard aircraft

Why do we have them?

What do they do onboard and the history of the role of Cabin Crew?

We will then look at a day in the life of a cabin crew member, from what you need to prepare before you even go to the airport, to what happens in the pre-flight briefing right the way through to leaving the aircraft to flight

You will complete a pre-flight safety demonstration in our aircraft mock-up and look at why cabin safety is so important, this will give you some in-depth knowledge and understanding and help you during the selection process for your future airline!

In the afternoon we will take a look at the Cabin Crew role when it all goes wrong?

How to prepare the cabin for an emergency landing and we will complete some practical door training exercises on our real-life door trainers – do you have the strength to open an aircraft door in an emergency?

EDM Aviation Training Academy
EDM Aviation Training Academy
EDM Aviation Training Academy

Day 2

Day 2 starts with our practical smoke and fire fighting sessions, fire onboard an aircraft is one of the scariest situations cabin crew might ever need to deal with, it requires swift and co-ordinated actions by not just crew members but by all, we will look at previous case studies of fires onboard aircraft and how you as cabin crew would need to deal with them.

Dealing with a First Aid incident onboard an aircraft is one of the most common scenarios cabin crew will ever need to deal with, we will look at aviation medicine and what equipment cabin crew have available to them should they need it.

 The day will also provide you with another opportunity to complete more door practical exercises this time on a different type of aircraft door and this will demonstrate how different they can be from one type to another.

EDM Aviation Training Academy

Dont miss the opportunity of a lifetime to gain a head start on becoming a cabin crew member


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