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Our ethos is to provide each delegate with unrestricted hands-on practical experience using our state-of-the-art training devices.



Founded in 1971, EDM has expanded and become the leading global provider of training simulators to the civil aviation, defence, rail, and other industries for over 50 years.

We are the worlds leading manufacturer of cabin crew training simulators, producing high-quality equipment that is reliable and robust to cope with the rigors of the training environment. Compliant with the regulatory requirements of all aviation authorities.

Our new 20,000 square foot facility will host a number of door trainers and training devices that you, your staff, or your students will be able to gain invaluable experience, including:


  • A320 Extended Door Trainer

  • A330 Door Trainer

  • B737 Extended Door Trainer

  • B787 Door Trainer

  • Real Fire and Smoke Trainer

  • Cabin Evacuation Exit Trainer

  • 3.7m Single Lane Slide Trainer

  • 5.8m Dual Lane Slide Trainer

  • Lift Raft for Ditching Training


We also provide facilities for you/your team to have a comfortable experience during your training courses, with 2 classrooms that can hold 20 students each with an additional lunch breakout area that staff and students can relax in between training sessions.

Our 50 years within the industry gives us experience you won't find at any other cabin crew training facility, helping you to achieve your dream of becoming a cabin crew member.

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